Roulette Secrets:
Roulette Secrets: Below you will find information regarding an online roulette strategy guide that most people still charge for. However, here you can have it for free, just be sure to check back for updates and try the casino's I have listed for you, as they are the best. Why pay for a gambling cheat sheet when you can get it for free? Follow these detailed instructions exactly in order to make a profit at any online roulette table!

1- Register and download (if necessary) at one of these top casinos. Practice playing with "fun money" until you get the hang of the system.

2- Select European Roulette from the list of table games. Grab a pen and paper!
Note:  As you can see below, the Roulette Table is split into 3 main sections, 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. You will be placing your bets in only ONE of these 3 locations at a time. Here is a sample picture of a bet placed on the 1st 12.

4- DO NOT place any bets for the 1st 5 spins. Instead, write down the result of each spin on your notepad. For example, if the ball lands on any number from 13-24 (2nd 12), put a 2 on your notepad. Keep doing this for every spin until either 1, 2, or 3 does not come up 5 times in a row. Example, after 5 spins your notepad record might show 2,3,2,3,3. This means that it is now time to place your bet on position 1, or the 1st 12.

5- If you win on the first try, congratulations, you are luckier than most people! If not, don't fret, simply use the grid below to see how much you need to bet next on the SAME position until it comes up, which it will. Good luck!

Important: Once you win, the process starts all over again. Start your bets off small until you get the hang of the system. It's best not to play too long or win too much (I stick to a 60 min/$100 limit) at any one casino. Also, only play at each casino once every 24 hours.

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